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Triumph, the new models are introduced every month in the first half of "Reborn of the year" (the year of a new leap forward) as 2016, it announced that it had achieved a record performance. Introduction Street twin, Bonneville T120, T120 black, Thruxton, 5 models of Thruxton R, 2 models of the Speed Triple S and R, the new models of the full model change of the Tiger Explorer and a total of eight models in Japan.

According to this motorcycle blog, the Triumph Motorcycles Japan Co., Ltd. in here that we have achieved a record performance in the first six months of 2016 (January to June 2016), we will report. 2016 marks the 114 years since the brand founded in Triumph, this year positioned as "Reborn = year of a new leap forward", the new car was held at adjacent to the Tokyo Tower of January 21, "Star Rise Tower" starting with the recital, through such as motorcycle show, which was held in March, water-cooled of to a classic model that incorporates the latest technology Street twin, Bonneville T120, T120 black, Thruxton, 5 models of Thruxton R, roadster of flag Membership in a speed Triple S and two models of the R, the new models of the full model change of even Tiger Explorer and a total of eight models is an adventure flagship of we have introduced to the Japanese market.

These new models, there is a demand far exceeding expectations than selling initially, due to the increase, ahead of schedule in Japan for production We support, but is still production for some models is followed by a situation that does not keep up with the demand you. As a result, in the single month registration number, we have achieved the highest ever recorded in the three months of the six months of the first half of January to June. Especially the last three months of the 4, 5, last year 18.1%, respectively, in June versus, 175%, we have recorded 221 percent and phenomenal expansion.

It should be noted that, currently in the Triumph regular store, gathered this year introduced new models to Everyone, is being held to get to experience the charm through your test drive experience "all-new model lineup Fair". I think I would like you to come taste the charm of the new model, including the new Classic series during this period to many people.

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